martes, 13 de abril de 2010

What is Indie Food?

A few ideas to start with
The institutionalization of gastronomy has meant that those who do not agree with the “official” paradigms of food get left out. Nowadays, to be marginal is not a disadvantage; on the contrary, it is to take a place at the table where the air flows, simply, its own way.
The trade union structures of medieval times were supplanted by a patronage system that today is called, perversely, private initiative. It would seem that the possibility of expressing oneself through food is subjected to a system that legitimizes or rejects a culinary manifestation. Nothing more false. The kitchen  belongs to the one who uses it.
The uses and habits surrounding food are one of the few outlets we have left to exert our individuality and declare ourselves a part of a conscious community.
One’s sense of taste should be trained just as the mind is trained to argue. In an act of freedom, a cooking decision is as important as a political position.
The field, the kitchen, the table, the cooking dialogue: self-creation, experimentation, self-afirmation, identity and property.
Food is a weapon, an instrument of change. Who controls it?

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