lunes, 28 de mayo de 2012

Plate in the South Pacific

By Fenton Lutunatabua

Sunset in Suva

Being the plate project ambassador in Fiji has definitely been a lot different than what I expected. I completely agree with what’s at the heart of the Plate Project. To get people to move away from using so many disposables, so before I mention anything else in this blog, I would like to commend the work of all the ambassadors before me, the future ambassadors and especially everyone that is inspired by this project to change their habits and be pro- reusable’s.

The most obvious thing I have noticed since being part of this project was that, Fiji, fortunately for now, hardly uses disposables. The only time disposable packaging is used is in the case of getting take away and sometimes at workshops. Other than that, we always use recyclables.Nevertheless, the reason my interest for this project has been maintained, is because I get to use the Plate Project and get to tell inquisitive on lookers about why im doing so.The other thing I like about this project is that it gives me the opportunity to talk about the local food culture. With that said, I have prepared my favorite local sea food dishes with the hopes that you, can prepare food the same way we do here in Fiji.

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