jueves, 2 de diciembre de 2010

Sounds of December

Closing the year with a drinkable playlist. Sounds and drinks that move the world: tequila, wine, beer, rum, whiskey, cognac, wine, champagne and even mezcal.

Brief guide to say "Cheers!" in other languages and regions:

Txin, txin- catalan
Salud- Spanish
Pura vida- Costa Rica
À la votre- Francophone community
Prost - Germany
Cin, cin - Italy
Kampai - Japan
Skål - Norway and Sweden
Tim tim - Brazil
Choc tee - Thailand
Shucram - Arabic
Chia - Vietnam
Oogy wawa - Zulu
Auguryo - Somalia
Okole maluna - Hawaii
Kippis - Finland
Je via sano - Esperanto

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