viernes, 22 de junio de 2012

Justice Now!

The march for justice for Li WangYang 

Pure veg on the Plate

It's pure VEG on the plate. All from soy, although we call them barbecued pork (the red cubes on the bottom right), roasted goose (the slight fried texture) and curry (yellowish thing on the left)..... Delicioso.

It's a good time to eat Veg when you are in condolence of a deceased.

Soy sauce duck kindey

Soy sauce duck kidney ate in the midst of a protest for the suspected murder of activists LiWangyang in China. Li is a prisoner due to his participation in the 1989 Tienanmen Sq Massacre and was tortured badly. After his release, he did an interview with a HK media and stated his famous quote: even if I had to lose my head I would fight for the democratization in China,which is believed to have caused his death. It was so unjust that he was 'made to look like committing suicide by hanging himself'!! (and he became blind and handicapped from the torture).

Hong Kong is politically stuck and is 'acclaimed' as the City of Protest. I am proud we are a city of conscience. 

Please join this Petition for Justice to Li.

More about the round the world Plate Project.

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