lunes, 9 de mayo de 2011

Not Everything Has Been Said

By Inés Saavedra

The world is changing very quickly, we have seen how maps change and political divisions move giving rise to new countries. We live in a world apparently full of limits, concepts of nationality or border have become part from our everyday life. The climate and the ideological conceptions determine our cooking phantom, but that does not limit our curiosity to know and to enjoy the feeding of other towns. Are there food limits?

Borders are not natural of the human race; although there are limits established by nature and political limits established by the society, the flavors are able to overcome them. In spite of politics, distances or wars, the ingredients of different cultures are able to coexist harmonically on the same plate. 

We observe the trajectory of some ingredients that have traveled around the world, like the coffee, tea or vanilla, ingredients that have traveled and they have been re-invented to adapt and to remain in the culture of people, becoming universal. 

The kitchen becomes rich by the interchange, anything is pure, everything changes. The plate served in our table is the consequence of interchanges, lucky failures and ideas that we have received like inheritance of many generations. 

We construct memories from flavors and scents that we knew in the childhood or which we tried on some trip. The food is full of nostalgia, we traveled with the suitcases full of spices and condiments to reconstruct our kitchens in new places and to share a little our culture on a distant table.

Not everything has been said, the kitchen is not finished, it’s continuously being constructed. It allows us to face changes, animates us to continue creating, to experiment and to improve the feeding of the human being in a creative universe that is in constant expansion.

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