viernes, 6 de enero de 2012

How to Eat the World in One Plate

1 plate, 12 volunteers, hundreds of stories, thousands of possibilities...
By Raquel Saavedra

The year started and so did the Plate Project. The idea was born from a friend´s joke about all the things that I carried in my purse in order to avoid the use of disposables.

How many disposables could I save if I carried around my own cup and plate? I  gave it a thought it wasn´t an absurd idea, at least trying it I could test its usefulness and leave it aside. For how long? One week? A month? One year?... One month would be enough to count how many plates and cups I could save. But why not go further? The dish could be a comparison tool for the use of disposables in other countries as well as a pretext to tell stories about everyday life from around the world through the scope of the food universe.

I was lucky. When I talked about the project, people accepted and were happy to help. The dish is a symbol, a tiny gesture that can touch many people, whoever joins us at the table, cooks, waiters, the onlookers that pass in front of the street food stands and, of course, whom ever generously takes a little time to read us.

We also added a cup and a spoon...
I hope the travelling plate, as any good traveler, tells stories. Real stories of real people and happy bellies.

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