martes, 3 de enero de 2012

The Travelling Plate

We took a plate and a cup and sent them in a trip around the world. This plate and cup will travel from country to country throughout the year.  Every month an ambassador/volunteer will be responsible for eating and drinking in this containers. Why? In order to create awareness on the use of disposable products. Is it really necessary to use that many?

Illustration by Víctor García

This plate will keep track of how many disposable plates and cups it can save. It will be interesting to see which countries use the more disposables. Will it be Sweden, India, Mexico?

Other of the goals of the Plate Project is to share the traditions, culture and recipes of each place. The Plate Project volunteers will be sharing their experiences with us. Follow them here and on Twitter with the hashtag #plateproject

*The journey has begun. Started in Mexico on the Pacific coast. Raquel is the first brave volunteer in this experiment. You can read here some of her previous collaborations for Indie Food: Las cebollas en Minamata, Como Japón se sobrepone a los problemas ambientales, Tasty Challenge. 

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